Thankful that you live with me this adventure for the World, which began in the Capital of my beloved Venezuela, Caracas, on June 24, where I was convinced that I was victorious because I had just won my first race, the race of Life.

I am a Lawyer by profession, graduated from the University of Carabobo and a Higher University Technician in Information Technology from IUTVal. two different university careers, but I was always convinced that these passions could teach me much more, since I was preparing myself for life not for a job. During the baccalaureate and my first years of university I traveled around Venezuela, where I discovered this passion for traveling.

When I was small (old) hahaha … I looked at the sky and thought that one day I wanted to fly in one of those planes that passed over my house, I remember it as if it had happened yesterday. I traveled to Colombia in 2010 where it lasted several days by bus, this was my first adventure out of the country, I was taking my nephew to baseball in Barranquilla. But it was not until June 2013 where I traveled to the United States with an Englishman but with a desire to eat the world, because I felt ready for it.

I met several cities in the United States, as all tourists are used to. Making a dream come true that I never thought would happen at my young age and still studying at the University, Arrive in New York, The big apple or the Cement jungle as you want to call it, for me it was the city of lights and where I could see that that statue of freedom that I had seen sunk in movies, still stood and I there, admiring his sight and enjoying the moment.

But it was not until July 2016 When I visited India and the United Arab Emirates that I really felt I wanted to know every corner of the world, New Dheli and Dubai made me understand that we are wrong about what they tell us about other countries. On the one hand India is full of super spirited people, accustomed to living in a kind of organized chaos. On the other hand, the Arab Emirates, full of skyscrapers where the oil boom took them to be a destination dreamed by all travelers and non-travelers.

Danitraveling I was born in the waiting rooms of the airports, with the desire to share all my travel adventures, to convince them that there are no limits, as they always tell us that nothing is impossible, but they do not tell us how to achieve our dreams. I knew that by sharing my adventures to motivate people to follow their dreams, no matter what it is, if you have perseverance, discipline and work hard, you can achieve it. The sky is not the limit, there is a universe to know.

Let’s travel together through the World.

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